Thursday, February 18, 2016

There are numerous problems with that never seem to be resolved. Making complaints on channels are deleted more often than not or they are so censored they are ineffective. Emailing Disqus just results in a canned response to placate you without any real effort to address the problems.
The last few months there have been some channel creators and mods who openly attack anyone that disagrees with them. This would be fine as it is the nature of the beast for comment platforms. However this group follows community members around to harass them wherever they comment. Disqus is well aware of this group and allows them to continue simple because the employees in charge of dealing with such harassment is friends with them. If you click report user that it sent to these employees and nothing is done about it.
This group goes beyond harassment and are the definition of cyber bullying, yet Disqus ignores wheir behavior.
In an email from Daniel Ha, one of the CEO's of Disqus, I was told that Disqus is a software company and is not a priority because they are not responsible for channel content. That is the same as McDonalds saying each locations a franchise so McD's is not responsible for how that franchise represents their company. If it has your name on it dumb ass it represents your company. The other problem with this non answer is that the problem isn't channel content. It is employees not doing their jobs and allowing  their friends to violate ToS as well as Disqus policy.
Could I leave Yes, of course. However why I am supposed to be forced off of a site I enjoy by a few people who are bragging about intentionally attacking anyone they dislike and getting away with it.
The bottom line is that Disqus needs to recognize represents their brand so the employees allowing these people to create a hostile environment reflects badly on the company.

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